Fiesta Platter (51-75)


A budget-friendly family-style meal for 10-200. Healthy, plant-based mexican plate with grilled chick’n, spanish rice, mixed beans, corn tortillas and a fresh salad. Packs easily for travel in recycled eco-friendly pulp containers.

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Grilled Chic’n breast chunks (seitan & jackfruit) with onions tossed with nopales (braised cactus) and sautéed with garlic aioli.


• Biryani rice made with spanish onions and indian spices, topped with fresh serranos and parsley
• Braised mixed heirloom beans, with red onions, cumin, topped with chopped green onions
• Corn tortillas

Mixed Greens with purple cabbage, shredded carrots, green peas, corn and house dressing

Salsa & Toppings
• House cole slaw
• Mild House Green Salsa- fresh herbs blended with tomatillo, serrano peppers & olive oil

Serving Recommendation: 4 tacos per person
If you have hungry guests, please consider adding extra sides to make sure no one goes hungry! We recommend you station one person to serve the food to ensure that there is enough for everyone.


  • Minimum order 10 people. Local delivery $35
  • All orders must be paid for 48 hours in advance
  • Orders for pick up only. Your food arrives in aluminum catering trays
  • Utensils, plates & napkin set available for $2.50 per person (sustainable ware)