About Es Todo

Inspired during a talk by Jonathan Gold ten years ago, the idea of Es Todo was born based on two notions: the fact that Los Angeles cuisine is largely defined by its diverse ethnic food, and that a majority of the food cooked in this city is by people of one particular ethnicity. The edified foodie has heard it before. This type of influence isn’t unique to L.A. It’s the norm everywhere. To exemplify one such notion, is to consider the famous al pastor taco. Some may argue that it was, in essence, born of Middle Eastern shawarma brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants, others may say Israeli. Whatever the dish, regardless of the background, one thing’s for sure, we’re all kind of ethnic.

Born in L.A.

The food scene and culture in Los Angeles is undoubtedly impacted by the immigrants who make up this great city. So, what defines great ethnic food you ask? Our answer at Es Todo is simple: authentic recipes, passed down from generation to generation, derived from collaborations with individual cooks who grew up eating them.

We’re Kinda Ethnic

At Es Todo, the transmitting of love through those well cooked recipes is what defines us. Whether you’re Korean, Mexican, Chinese, French-Canadian, Filipina, Burmese or Lebanese, the one thing deeply embedded in your psyche (if you’re lucky!), is how you felt eating your grandmother’s food. At Es Todo we aim to create that same feeling, because that’s all… it’s everything.