Tuesday – Saturday
11 am – 4 pm



1809 E 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(next to pizzanista & guerrilla tacos)


(213) 935-8415




No Carb No Problem! Add More Protein + $5 | We have Gluten Free Bread! +$1

Sergio’s Famous Big Sausage $12

Beyond Sausage, ‘Merican Fries, Home Chili, Tomatoes, Follow Your Heart cheese, onion and house ketchup

the farmer $12 (brunch only)

 Our signature sandwich! Roasted Japanese yams, kabocha squash, beets, guacamole, tomatoes, spicy green herb sauce, apricot ancho chili jam on olive bread

the cult burger $10 doublestack $14

Grilled Beyond burger patty, topped with sliced follow cheddar & American cheeses and lettuce, caramelized red onions, mayo, serrano relish on toasted white bread. Double-Stacked $14!

LeFou combo $18

The Crazy Combo! Cult Burger, The Booty Shaker and Fries. Save $3!

barbacoa burrito $10

House barbacoa made with a blend of Beyond and Impossible meats, sauteed with black beans and biryani rice, on a bed of tomatoes, fresh lettuce, corn, shredded carrots, red onions salad, tossed in our house green spicy herb sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla

the hot bod salad $8

Mixed Greens, tomatoes, shredded carrots, red onions, sweet corn and green peas, tossed in our house green spicy herb dressing

'Merican fries $4

Fresh-cut russet potatoes, fried in coconut oil, with spicy house ketchup

booty shaker $7

Strawberry, Ripple® pea milk and Molasses

for the hooligans $7

Grilled cheese, American fries, house ketchup, white bread (for kids under 10 and under)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little take-away, international sandwich shop in the DTLA Arts District!! Former Daily Dose owner Sarkis Vartanian rebranded Daily Dose as Cafe Societe (around the back) and opened Es Todo to keep satisfying the Hungry People with innovative, hearty sandwiches!!
Michelle N. – Nov 2018

Hidden gem. Delicious, eclectic sandwiches –amazing breakfast burrito/sandwich options. Super friendly staff, and prices are very reasonable, too. I’m surprised there aren’t huge lines out there yet. Once people discover this place, the food will make it go big. Thank you! We’ll be back. 

Ceyda E. – Dec 2018

BEST SANDWICH OF MY LIFE. I was waiting to take a bus at the greyhound station and needed a place nearby and Los Todos was wonderful. Great coffee and DeLICiOuS sandwich- I got ‘the Margo’.

Chartzie M. – Nov 2018

Great tasting sandwich, good flavor and I was surprised with the ingredients in it awesome place and tasted great!

Gabriel L. – Oct 2018

Vegetarian food for meat-lovers. I think that says it all, right? Portions are huge and hearty, and you will leave satisfied and super full.

Jenn T. – Jan 2019


Hello! I’m Sarkis Vartanian, owner of the Daily Dose Cafe in Arts District. You may know me by one of my most popular creations – The Farmer Sandwich – which has been fawned over by Daily Dose regulars, Emily Ratajkowski, Chiara Ferragni and the occasional guest, Ted Danson. Seriously. It’s that damn spicy ancho chili jam that got everyone hooked.

As LA Weekly describes it – “If you want to impress a potential employer or a seduce new lover, if you like to look graceful when eating, this is the wrong sandwich. One bite and the burrata will ooze joyously between your fingers, the potatoes will squirm out of the bread. This is a robust sandwich, a messy sandwich, a vegetarian sandwich meaty enough to be the dream of any omnivore.”

Es Todo is my latest project here on the edge of the Arts District. I believe the food industry is ripe for change– that’s why I opened up this tiny take out window to serve vegan food only. My goal is to create new trends and find interesting ways of convincing people to reduce their meat consumption. Read more about me here.

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